100 Ton – Single Station

  • Function : High Pressure Leakage Test .
  • Clamping Method : Non compression and Control clamping .
  • Test Medium  :Hydro and Air.
  • Booster Pump Ratio : 1 : 200 ( Teslead Make) .
  • Enhanced with PLC ,HMI and SCADA for Interlocking and Data Logging Purpose.
  • Computerized data logging system will manage the VTR, and a Time vs. Pressure Graph will be plotted automatically to avoid human error.
  • Additional Main Features: Testing Shell, Hand Detecting Sensors, Door Interlocking Sensors ,Sliding Arm for Quick Loading the Test Valve in Test Bunk and Bubble Counter for Gas and Pneumatic Test.
Valve size suitable for the Testing criteria of this Machine.4' to 12''
Valve class suitable for the Testing criteria of this Machine.#150 to #900
Maximum Working Pressure400 Bar ( 5,800 PSI)
Maximum Clamping Tonnage100 MT