High Pressure Leakage Detecting Test Skid for Pipelines, Reservoirs, Accumulators

  • Function : High Pressure Leakage Test
  • Suitable for High Pressure Gas pipe lines , High Pressure Hydro pipe lines and High Pressure Valves (onsite).
  • Test Media  : Gas, Air and Hydro
  • Types of testing as per ASME B16.32 : Shell ,Seat  and Back Seat Test
  • Maximum working Pressure : 20,000 PSI (1,379 BAR).
  • Additional Main Features: Testing Shell, Hand Detecting Sensors, Door Interlocking Sensors .
Maximum Working Pressure700 BAR
Mode of OperationManual with Isolation Valves
Suitable for Onsite Service SupportsPortable Operation in Valve Industry, Pipe Industry, Reservoir Tank Industry
Application High Pressure and Low Pressure Leakage Detecting Tests.
Valve Size & ClassSize :1/2'' to 24''
Class : #150 to #2500