High Pressure Hydro Test Stand

  • Function : High Pressure Leakage  Test .
  • Clamping Method : Mechanically Clamping by Test Plates (Test plates available in Teslead Equipments pvt ltd).
  • Test Medium  : Hydro.
  • Booster Pump Ratio : 1 : 255 ( Teslead Make) .
  • Enhanced with PLC ,HMI and SCADA for Interlocking and Data Logging Purpose.
  • Computerized data logging system will manage the VTR, and a Time vs. Pressure Graph will be plotted automatically to avoid human error.
  • Additional Main Features: Testing Shell, Hand Detecting Sensors, Door Interlocking Sensors ,Sliding Arm for Quick Loading the Test Valve in Test Bunk and Bubble Counter for Gas and Pneumatic Test.
  • DescriptionParameters
    Valve size suitable for the Testing criteria of this Machine .2'' to 24''
    Valve class suitable for the Testing criteria of this Machine#150 to #2500
    Valve TypeGate, Globe, Check and Butterfly valves.
    Maximum Working Pressure2415 BAR (35,000 PSI)
    Test MediumHydro
    Mode of OperationFully Automated with Data logging Report